Center for Strategic

​   Global Sustainability

Tear Down the Wall Program

The root cause of illegal immigration is disparity of income and the need for the basic necessities of life. No wall will fix this problem, but a helping hand is a step in the right direction. Tear Down the Wall Program leads by example by providing Mexicans in the impoverished Yucatan Peninsula with small business financial counseling, education supplies and youth training, civic consulting services, documentary filmmaking and filmmaking training, and gathering donated clothing and household goods from families and businesses in the US then distributing them to needy families. ​

Operational Strategy:

  1. Train volunteers to gather donated clothing and goods from families and businesses in the US and Canada and consolidate to central storage areas for transportation to Mexico.
  2. CFSGS agents in Mexico work with Churches and other organizations in order to distribute clothing and goods to needy families.
    Partner with other like agencies Churches who are already doing the same in order to conserve cost and consolidate efforts.

  3. Ultimately it is our intent to assist by any means possible the uplifting of the Mexican way of life so it is equal to our own and Canada. You start by helping your neighbors then you work your way out to other nations.


To provide low cost and consulting and financial services to nonprofits and small businesses.

Operational Strategy: 

  1. Provide low cost consulting and financial services in order to strengthen their viability and success of their programs and make it so they can better compete against larger organizations.  
  2. Give organizations the management tools it needs to be viable over the long term.
  3. Work in tandem with organizations to develop partnerships that will in the long term fulfill our own program goals.

​​Building the Framework and Mindset to Sustain the Human Race

To partner with other organizations who share our objectives in order to build a strong coalition and immense pool of talent and resources.

Operational Strategy: 

  1. We begin by partnering with local non profits in our immediate area. Later we branch out to other organizations and other regions.
  2. Train volunteers to reach out to organizations in their area and cultivate relationships.
  3. Share information among our partners. Find ways we can assist their efforts and combine resources. 
  4. Develop and cultivate the pools of talent needed to enact positive changes in our community.