Our mission is to assist and advocate organizations that contribute to a more sustainable society and lead by example with programs that will serve as a model for sustainable humanitarianism and morally justified governance of our society and environment. 


1. All creatures have the right to live free of oppression and exploitation. 

2. We are all accountable to our views and the decisions that we make each day and the leaders, laws, and policies that       we advocate. 

3. We welcome individual achievement as long as it is not achieved by the exploitation or detriment of others. 

4. The true measure of a person's worth is their ability to leave this world just a little better for future generations. 

5. We all have moral obligation to help others less fortunate than us. 

6. To be human is do all that is possible to eliminate hate, violence, greed, apathy, and oppression. 

7. Science, art, music, humanities, cultural diversity, creativity, curiosity, and love, is what marks our special place in the universe and should be celebrated without end. 

8. Even though we embrace the positive qualities of various religions, we advocate a strong separation of church and state. Any religion that advocates themselves to the detriment and oppression of others is hypocritical, evil, and must be resisted with strong resolve and clarity as to what is wrong in their interpretation of morality. 

9. Pure capitalism is unsustainable and is at the root of financial exploitation and oppression. We advocate a balanced mix of socialism and capitalism. We believe that corporate licensing and indemnity should only be granted to organizations that can prove that they are contributing to the betterment of our society and not it’s downfall. 

10. Political campaigns must be free from all financial influences. 

11. The world must be governed by the consensus of the masses and not the few. 

12. Each and every individual has a voice, an influence, and a responsibility to the well being of their fellow creatures great and small.

​​Building the Framework and Mindset to Sustain the Human Race

  Center for Strategic

​   Global Sustainability