Center for Strategic

​   Global Sustainability

​​Building the Framework and Mindset to Sustain the Human Race

We here at Center for Strategic Global Sustainability say “Each individual must be held accountable to their views”. This philosophy begins with who we are and what we achieve. Therefore we design our programs and projects to reflect our core values. Each individual must be conscious of  impact that their views and their decisions have in the world. When each of us walk into a voting booth we are making life and death decisions that may impact the entire human race. If we vote for a candidate that advocates war, then we are placing our finger on the bottom of a cruise missile. We are just as accountable as the leaders we choose. 

The world has grown too complacent, too detached, and too pacified. We are the ones that stand by and let the evils of this world exploit us and destroy our habitat and our future. We are also the only ones that can fix this mess.  Now that we live in a world that is truly connected through social media, it is up to each individual to influence others and apply pressure on those who advocate evil. Social media can be the vehicle that saves the human race from extinction and evolves our social governance to one that is truly “by the people and for the people”. 

First we must rid the world of influence by oligarchs, major corporations, and big banks. That must first be done through campaign finance reforms, term limits,  and placing tougher restrictions on lobbyist. We are then free to change corporate law by removing tax breaks for the wealthy, modifying shareholder indemnification, and corporate dominance of market share. Naturally the resources gobbled up by mega rich and corporate giants will then be reallocated to smaller businesses, innovated individuals, nonprofits, and coops.  We can have a world with capitalism and individual achievement, but it will be one that contributes back into society through inclusion, accountability, and fairness for all.