My whole life changed November 8th 2016 with the election of Trump. What I thought was impossible became a reality and the bigotry and hate that I thought was deplorable, became more prevalent than I ever thought possible. Like many others, I was grief stricken, outraged, disappointed, and determined not to accept this fate. I immediately took to social media and begun harshly criticizing those who advocated this change. So much so that it distanced me from some of my friends and even some of my family.​ I was mad at the world and deserving so. Type your paragraph here.


It is up to each and every one of us to choose how we live our life. Some live a life of selfishness, greed, and hate. Some choose a life of pacification and try to distance themselves from the evils around us.  There are also those who choose to fight the good fight and try to make the world better for others. So in January of 2017 I decided to dedicate myself full time to making the world better by using the financial skills and nonprofit experience that I accumulated over the years. What better place to reinvent yourself then by the sea where I can walk along the beach each day and reset my mind to the task of helping my fellow man.  So I packed up the rental truck and settled into the little surfer community of Pacifica California, just south of San Francisco. 

The bay area is the perfect place for someone who wishes to lend a helping hand to nonprofits and small businesses. It is also the center of much of the activism in the US and the world. I feel the true measure of a person’s worth is what they have done to make life better for others around them and future generations. Those who center only on themselves leave nothing to be respected. The assistance I give to those who help others is simply a stone tossed into a pond, but the impact of that stone quickly ripples outwards and crosses over the ripples made by others. It is within the simple physics of one action resulting in reactions that great global change can be achieved. If all I can achieve is to simply toss a few stones, then I feel I have achieved more than someone who has built an empire of greed. 

I have accepted my fate and I now ask each and every one of you to help determine the fate of the human race one stone and one organization at a time. If I can convince you to partner with us and help convince others, then our mission gets a little easier and a little more realistic. If we can convince others through assistance and leadership that demonstrate a better way, then we can save the human race from certain extinction. 

Thank you, 

Jimmy Lakin


  Center for Strategic

​   Global Sustainability

​​Building the Framework and Mindset to Sustain the Human Race