Bringing About Social Change Through Guidance, Moral Justification, Accountability, and Contributions to Humanity



Together We Make the Changes Necessary to Sustain Our Planet and The Human Race 

Our Mission & Core Values

​Tear Down the Wall Program leads by example by gathering donated clothing and goods from families and businesses in the US and Canada, and then distributing them to needy families in impoverished areas of Mexico. Why build a wall when you can build a better life for others?

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We can achieve a world free of violence, greed, hate, and oppression. This is not some pie in the sky dream, this is our right as human beings and our obligation to sustaining the human race. With social pressure and resolve we can force any public policy of our choosing, but only if we become united.  By advocating and supporting Center for Strategic Global Sustainability, you are shifting the balance of power and the course of our society. 

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What We Can Immediately Achieve With Your Support

Our mission is to assist and advocate organizations that contribute to a more sustainable society and lead by example with programs that will serve as a model for sustainable humanitarianism and morally justified governance of our society and environment. 

  • Rescue those who are suffer from the harm inflicted by hate, exploitation, violence, ignorance, and apathy
  • Provide leadership in the community by example

  • Begin to lay the groundwork for collective minds to agree upon and draft the definitive Global Sustainability Plan for our Planet and the Human Race


Center for Strategic Global Sustainability is a 501c3 Nonprofit whose mission is to assist and advocate organizations that contribute to a more sustainable society and to lead by example with programs that will serve as a model for sustainable humanitarianism and morally justified governance of our society and environment.  We do this by actively serving our community through programs that provide direct assistance such as consulting and financial services to other nonprofits and small privately-owned businesses so that they may achieve success and better compete against corporations who have little interest in serving the public good.

Over the last 50 years corporations and government has pushed to the point of extinction mom and pop businesses like hardware stores, pet stores, service agencies, and small manufacturing. The result is the fat cat getting fatter and putting a strangle hold on our society and environment. It is up to you and organizations such as ours to reverse this trend by partnering and empowering nonprofits, coops, and small businesses with the influence necessary to bring about positive change. In addition, we advocate social assistance to those less fortunate through public contributions and distribution programs to areas in need. We call out and questions those organizations and individuals who perpetuate greed, harm, and exploitation, by demanding moral justification of their actions and by setting a better example so they may someday aspire to become part of our community. The success of our mission is entirely depended the participation of you and the community. So please join us and help us build global sustainability model through strategic financial planning and governance that is morally justified to simple human decency.  

  Center for Strategic

​   Global Sustainability

​​Building the Framework and Mindset to Sustain the Human Race


  • Provide direct support to nonprofits and small businesses
  • Help advocate for organizations that make our world better
  • Apply public pressure for political reform and eventually change the way we govern our society

We Can Fix This Mess!!!

The Center for Strategic Global Sustainability purpose is to help guide small business and other nonprofits to becoming financially sustainable and socially conscious. Through our CFSGS Group we provide low cost financial services and consulting to help these entities budget, strategize, and develop new enterprises that enable them to better compete in a world dominated by big corporations. At the same time, we advocate and partner with other nonprofits who serve humanity by assisting others or advocate for change and accountability. In addition, we seek ways to develop new programs that will improve life for those in need. 

Together we can rebuild our society so it works for everyone and everything, not just the few and the powerful. This restructuring is only possible through participation and the simple realization that we can make evil socially unacceptable and out of place in today’s world of global connectivity. Please help us with your support and by sharing our ideas within your spear of influence. 

Our overall goal is to change the mindset of society so it is no longer overly passive to the evils of this world. With the hope that together as a Humanitarian Society, we can eventually organize, draft, and implement, a sustainability plan for our planet and the human race. This is a movement whose time is long overdue and with each person's contribution, it will become a reality. Please share us on line, donate, advocate, volunteer, and be a force for change. Let’s save the human race one business and one person at a time.   


We here at Center for Strategic Global Sustainability say “Each individual must be held accountable to their views”. This philosophy begins with who we are and what we achieve. Therefore we design our programs and projects to reflect our core values.